Lectures (Video)
  • The Canon Institute for Global Studies Seminar 4.24.2018
Kenji Kushida Seminar on: Efforts by Japanese Companies to Harness the Silicon Valley Ecosystem 
  • The Canon Institute for Global Studies Seminar 12.19.2017
Kenji Kushida Seminar on: AI Disruption and the Line between Illusion and Truth
  • Silicon Valley-New Japan (SVNJ) Public Forum Series 2.7.2017 
The Algorithmic Disruption: The Underlying Drivers behind Fintech, IoT, AI, and the Platform Economy in an Era of Computing Abundance
  • Public Panel Discussion for NHK Broadcasting Series 3.4.2016
            Stanford Experts Discuss Innovation on NHK Television Program 

           [watch] Silicon Valley and the Future of Innovation

12/19/2018 "Harnessing Silicon Valley: 10 Worst Practices by Japanese CVC" (Japanese) published by the SV Startups 100 

5/4/2018    New piece on the potential of Regtech published in the NIRA Regtech Report (in Japanese) 

3/12/2018    Interview piece with Musashi Sakai Driving School president, Aki Takahashi, on various ways of how to work in Nikkei 
                    Business (in Japanese). 

1/2/2018    "Silicon Valley: The accelerating algorthimic/AI revolution..." Weekly Economist (in Japanese)

                   the SV Startups 100

8/26/2017    Interview piece on the challenges facing large Japanese companies attempting to harness the technology and economic
                    dynamism of Silicon Valley, Shukan Toyo Keizai (in Japanese)

8/19/2017    US policymaking and foreign policy after Steve Bannon left the White House, Nihon Keizai Shimbun (in Japanese)

8/1/2017    Several Japanese startups with potential for global expansion, Shukan Economisuto (in Japanese) 

3/31/2017    "Silicon Valley, Japan, and How they Can Harness One Another's Strengths" (in Japanese) video article Fuji Media                                 Group via Lyve  

2/20/2017    "Harnessing Silicon Valley: 10 Worst Practices by Japanese Companies" (Japanese) published by The SV Startups 100 

1/10/2017    New column on CIGS website (in Japanese)

12/28/2016    New column on CIGS website (in Japanese)

12/11/2016    Interview with NHK Radio (in Japanese)

8/10/2016    Interview with Logstar

6/28/2016    Interview with Logstar

5/2015     "Silicon Valley and Japan." Panel, New Economy Summit, Tokyo Japan. (in Japanese) 

9/3/2013    PBS NewsHour appearance about Fukushima 

8/8/2013    PBS NewsHour appearance about Fukushima